5 of the Best Marketing Tools and Tips for 2015

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When it comes to online marketing, content is what defines your success. In our fast paced world, the means and methods are constantly changing. Those companies who manage to keep up with the pace are the ones who stay on top.

The numbers never lie; according to Kapost.com research:

82% of B2C marketers and 95% of B2B enterprise marketers use content marketing.
78% of CMOs think that custom content is the future of the marketing field.
Only 12% of companies disregard content in their marketing strategies. 

Even though content is proven to be valuable, only 32% of marketers believe they have an effective strategy. 

Based on the last statistic, only 1 out of 3 companies is maximizing its potential. If your company is not the one, then here are top 5 marketing tools and tips for 2015:

Invest in visual content – digital technology never stops to evolve and marketers are given the opportunity to visualize their ideas to the maximum extent via videos, imagery, infographics, etc. 94% of visual content gets more total view than textual ones. It is crucial to incorporate as much visual elements as possible in every single piece of content.

A/B Testing – Just like visual content, testing everything will be a hit in 2015. With the new testing software, marketers will be testing every element of their digital marketing strategy. Implementing a split testing tool and experimenting with images, titles, and call-to-actions is one thing that should be on your to-do list in 2015.

Focus on Social – Even though Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are the top social media platforms for marketers, other options(Google+, SlideShare, Vine, Snapchat) should be considered too when promoting one-on-one customer engagement.

Repurpose for max value – it is very hard to produce lot of material on a daily basis if you don’t have a huge team of content creators. The trick is to find a way to repurpose the content that you publish to give it maximum value.

Learn to Curate – It is time to invest in developing yourself as a trustworthy source of valuable content, rather than trying to force-feed sales copy. All you need to do is provide your followers with relevant information that they actually find useful.

Follow these five valuable and timely tips to make sure your content marketing is right on track in 2015.

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